Loft Insulations

Loft Insulation

By trapping the heat inside your home

You could save around £135 – £240* per year on your fuel bills by having loft insulation installed in your property. Global Eco Installations Ltd are specialist loft insulation fitters and install the Government’s minimum recommended 270mm (10.5 inches) of loft insulation to ensure maximum efficiency.

Loft insulation
Loft insulation Glasgow

What’s more, through the Government’s ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme, homeowners and private renting tenants can now claim grants to cover or contribute towards the cost of home insulation.

  • Save £135 – £240* a year on fuel bills.
  • Trap heat inside your home.
  • Make your property feel warm and cosy.
  • Take the pressure off your home heating system.

*According to the Energy Saving Trust

  • Industry accredited loft insulation fitters

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